Notre Menu


Salade niçoise(Classic French salade)
Tunisian grilled salad( Mechouia )
Tunisian salade
Tuna with olive oil
Eggplant caviar
Chicken and Vegetables Salad
Fisherman's Salad
Bel Horizon salad
Caesar salad
Grilled cuttlefish
Brik with tuna
Homemade brik
Omelete of your choice
Homemade ojja with merguez
Fries calamari ( Squid )

Nos soupes

Bel Horizon Soup
Vegetables stew

Nos Volailles

1/2 roasted or grilled chicken
American grilled chicken
Grilled turkey escalope
Turkey escalope with mushroom sauce
Ham and cheese escalope (Cordon bleu)
Grilled quails (3 pieces )

Nos Viandes

Grilled steak
Grilled steak of your choice
Hached Veal Steak
Threesome steak with three sauces
Grilled veal liver
Mexican grilled veal liver
Grilled veal steak
Grilled Merguez
Oriental Kebab
Mixed grill

Nos Spaghettis

Penne with chicken and zucchini
Spaghettis carbonara
Spaghettis puttanesca
Four-cheese penne
Penne with meat
Spaghettis bolognese

Nos fruits de mer

Grilled royal shrimps ( 4 pieces )
Shrimps skewer ( 6 pieces )
Mussels or clams à la mariniéres
Gratin with sea food

Nos poissons

Grilled sea bass
Grilled sea bream ( Dorade )
Grilled red mullet
Grilled pandora bream ( Pageot )
Grilled or pan-fried sole
Grilled swordfish
Grilled dentex ( Toothed )
Monkfish with orange or lemon

Nos desserts

Ice cream ( 3 balls )
Lemon sorbet ( 3 balls )
Fruits salad
Chocolate fudge ( Fondant )